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These are articles and handouts written by Trevor Bond. They can be used as resources for teachers and school managers and as starters for staff discussions. They are an expression of opinion based on my own reading and understanding, they are also open to modification and change.


Learning@school Conference Feb 21-23 Rotorua

Key Competencies Slideshow

Key Competencies Handout

Questioning   Slideshow

Questioning    Handout

Thinking Slideshow

Thinking   Handout



Waimarino ICT Cluster Conference: Keynote (August 31st)


21st Century Classroom

Christchurch College of Education  - 

                  Key Competencies Workshop     (May 22)

                  Questioning Workshop                 ( May 21)


Challenges of Key Competencies

Questioning v2 pdf

Mid Canterbury Principals Assocation Conference  (Ashburton, May 11-12) Challenges of Key Competencies (Keynote)
Otonga School (Rotorua)  May 2007 Questioning v2 pdf
Tuanz 2007 Wellington Palmerston North & New Plymouth Questioning  pdf
Celebrating Excelence Conference Rotorua Jan 2007 SAUCE  pdf
Thinking Workshop   July 22-23 (Christchurch) Thinking and Learning  pdf
Inquiry Learning - SAUCE   July 22-23  (Christchurch) SAUCE     pdf
Ulearn July11-13 2005    Auckland NZ  

Thinking Workshop   pdf

Learning Visions        pdf



A Question To Ponder: Teaching & Learning or Learning & Teaching            

Targeting Effective Learning and Teaching                                                        


PDF  April 2004

PDF  April 2004



Thinking: After-market add-on OR a new model?                         

External Exams: The Woes and Wows    

Managing and Leading Innovative change  

 School Vision and Thinking   

Assess The Focus  

           March 2003  

PDF  April 2003  

PDF  April 2003

PDF  August 2003

PDF    August 2003



Creating Quality Information Literacy Tasks

The 2 shoppers analogy: Use or Communicate Information                 


July 2002

July 2002



Information Literacy                                                                        

Quality Learning                                                                              

Freedom to Teach Creatively granted by ERO and Ministry

Why isn't it happening?

The Dollar Value Debate      














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