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The Place of ICT in Learning and Teaching.

I hold the viewpoint  that Information Communication Technology (ICT) comprises a range of tools and systems that can be utilised as a tool to help us improve our teaching and assist our pupils to learn better.


The focus should not be on how to teach pupils skills like word processing, spread sheets, Internet searching etc. Rather the primary focus should be on quality learning and teaching. The secondary focus will be on ways of using ICT as a tool to enhance  learning and teaching.


As teachers we should be aiming to provide learning experiences for our pupils that ultimately lead them into the development of skills and attitudes that equip them to become independent lifelong learners, effective collaborators, efficient workers and capable communicators. I see ICT as a powerful learning tool that, in the hands of confident, capable and creative teachers, can greatly enhance many teaching and leaning situations.


ICT is not an educational solution or a magic fix.

My equation to explain the place of ICT in learning is     PL + ICT = EPL.  

Poor Learning + ICT = Expensive Poor Learning. 

Integration of ICT into a poor learning experience or activity will never raise that activity to be quality learning. Quality learning experiences are generated by creative effective teachers and this has to be the start point. ICT is more akin to the salt or spice that a chef will utilise to add that extra savor to a great dish. The real magic in a quality learning experience comes not from boxes, wires and expensive digital equipment. The real magic comes from teachers who have high expectations, create relevant and challenging learning experiences, supported and scaffold pupils to success, and provide quality feedback for their pupils.